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Premium Metals Spray

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Indoor, Instant
Sparkle Finish

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Why you will love using our Premium Metals

Design Master features several premium metallic sprays, each having unique properties for their function and finish.  Super Silver, 24KT Pure Gold, Rose Gold and 14KT Gold provide the quickest coverage of our metallic colors.  They reflect the brightest color and have a smooth plating-like finish.  Gold Medal, Platinum and Bronze are thick covering metal colors with a semi-gloss sheen and a durable, scratch resistant finish.

  • DRY TIME:5 minutes
  • NET WEIGHT:11 OZ (312 g)
  • COVERAGE:Influenced by usage. Up to 16 sq ft – single coat / 8 sq ft full coverage
  • APPLICATION CONDITIONS:Use in a room temperature (70 °F), low humidity and a well-ventilated area
  • RECOAT WINDOW:Recoat at anytime
  • CLEANUP:Mess Master, lacquer thinner or acetone
  • SPECS:Pigmented, solvent-based, lacquer type spray

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14KT Gold, 24KT Gold, Rose Gold, Super Silver, Platinum, Bronze

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