Clear Finishes (Glaze, Gloss, and Sealers)

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Why you will love using our Clear Finishes

Clear Finish is our hardest protective, scratch-resistant finish.  It adds lustre in a rich gloss or matte sheen.  Dries in minutes to a durable color enhancing finish.  Works great as a clear primer for adhering COLORTOOL Sprays to slick surfaces.

  • rich gloss or matte finish
  • guards against scratches, water marks and household soil
  • quick drying
  • recommended for indoor use
  • lacquer-based spray
  • recoat at any time

Dresden Clear Glaze is a flexible, non-yellowing clear coat that creates a lustrous shine and resists cracking.  Fast drying, protective gloss finish is suitable for floral items and most paintable surfaces.  Not intended for use on outdoor exposed objects.

  • fast drying
  • high shine
  • flexible finish
  • non-yellowing
  • lacquer-based spray
  • recoat at any time

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Clear Finish Gloss, Clear Finish Matte, Dresden Clear Glaze