Chrysal RVB Universal Hydrating Treatment #1

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1 Gallon

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Chrysal RVB is an all-purpose hydrating solution for growers, containing Aluminium Sulphate.

It is suitable for a wide variety of cut flowers. It works especially well on roses, Bouvardia and Hydrangea.

Chrysal RVB neutralizes the secretions given off by the stems and prevents the contamination of the water, which causes vascular plugging.

It increases the water uptake which improves the quality of the blooms considerably.

  • Stimulates water uptake thus preventing ‘bent neck’, a common problem with roses.
  • Lowers the pH of the water.
  • Maintains the quality of flowers and prolongs the vase life.
  • Mixes clearly and odourless in water, not leaving any sediment in the bucket or lime scale in the dosing system.
  • It contains Aluminium Sulphate which neutralizes the secretions.

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